Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, green home improvements just make sense to homeowners and Real Estate Investors.

Not only do they save a significant amount of money on monthly utility bills and at the same time lowering your family’s carbon footprint.

Homeowners will actually earn tax credits with all the ideal green home developments, certain times upwards of 30 percent.

Green homes match with benefits once the time comes to sell.

Millennial home buyers are made up of about 32 percent of current real estate buyers, they continually cite energy efficiency as a major appetite while purchasing a home.

Green Home Improvement Ideas

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, when Rehabbers consider renovations, one of the first steps need to be to take a home energy audit.

Homes built from the 2000s, on average, utilize about 37.1 thousand British Thermal Units (BTUs) per square foot annually.

Compare this homes from the 1980s, which use about 43.5 thousand BTUs per square foot.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers the Home Energy Yardstick, this is an easy way for homeowners to self audit their home’s annual energy use, you’ll be able to compare this to other homes in your area.

If you understand that your energy intake, it is going to lead to small actions that can create big change for the environment, and eventually your wallet.

Green Home Improvement List

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, from the leap, if a rehabber adds this a homeowners can save $130-$180 each year in electricity costs just by installing smart thermostatsthat they are proven to save 10-12 percent on heating and around 15 percent on heating.

Back in California, Nest partnered up with Southern California Edison to actually pay clients.

Some energy companies will provide homeowners with a Nest smart thermostat free of charge.

Energy Efficient Windows And Doors And Skylights:

If Rehabbers make these additions to a home, they can make homeowners qualified for a tax credit of 10 percent by replacing windows, doors and skylights with energy efficient versions.

Energy Efficient Refrigerator Compressor:

Rehabbers such as the fact that Whirlpool has partnered with programmers to create the next generation variable capacity household refrigerator by using a linear compressor and other neat features.

If you were to compare older using current refrigerators, the outcome is a 25 percent decrease in energy use.