Our History

Fortune Weavers Inc. has a long and successful history of executing Real Estate Investment contracts in the Los Angeles County and Orange County areas of Southern California! As the market has changed over the years, we’ve been able to maintain high levels of success through an adept understanding of market key performance indicators that are evaluated with calculated measures of risk. As such, we’ve been successful in the fix and flip space of Real Estate Investing every year since our inception.

To date, Fortune Weavers Inc. has rehabbed hundreds of properties and are continuing to not only expand our markets, but our products and services as well in order to deliver unparalleled customer service to our clients and partners alike.

Our Values

    • Integrity
      Integrity is described as consistency in both public and private conduct. Fortune Weavers Inc. conducts consistent business practices with full transparency to all involved in our day-to-day business. Whether it’s a fix and flip project, a wholesale deal or a buy and hold transaction, we take great pride in delivering unparalleled customer service to all involved. We display our strengths and weaknesses on our sleeves and ensure that all involved in our transactions are made and kept aware of contractual intentions on a consistent basis. Promises are always honored.
    • Ethics
      There are many shortcuts in this business, gray areas and corners to be cut for a quick and easy gain. We do not make ethical compromises. Not only because of our convictions, but because we understand that doing it the right way is the better yielding investment in the long term.
    • Family
      The cornerstone of our values is in our relationships. Fortune Weavers Inc. prides itself on its familial approach to business. To that end, we believe the people around us are the bottom line. Our business then, is to be worthy of their trust.
    • Mutual Prosperity
      Fortune Weavers Inc. understands the dynamics of the Real Estate environment and believe that all involved are valuable to what makes a successful deal. In short, we can’t do this alone! Our deals are always structured fairly in order to ensure all involved are compensated accordingly. From motivated sellers, to our private money partners, to our impeccable contractor teams, our awesome Real Estate Agents, to our students and all involved throughout the sales process, your work and time are valued and we strive to compensate you accordingly creating win-win opportunities for all involved.


Fortune Weavers is by far the best Real Estate Investment Education and mentorship program available today.