Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, if you have ever purchased a distressed property, you are aware of the apparent signals of top priced repairs.

Never Judge A Home – Los Angeles Real Estate Investors

Los AngelesReal Estate Investors say, there is probably you are likely to walk right into a house that doesn’t seem all that bad.

Even houses that may seem perfect, can be quite deceiving.

Although you want to make certain to understand what problem areas to check into.

Make certain you research property issues.

Electrical Problems

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, be certain to check the grounded electrical sockets.

Sometimes homeowners and landlords replace older sockets with all the new electrical retailers with three prongs.

This means that you simply have older aluminum or bad knob and tube wiring.

Re-wiring an full house can cost more than $10,000.

Make sure that to utilize an electrical specialist to test for grounding.

It should be eliminated while the electricity is off.

When you cut the power to the whole house, pull the outlet from the wall and search for any issues.


Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, start looking for any areas with fresh paint.

Fresh paint can is an indication for a cover up, especially when you’re looking at distressed properties.

The previous owners must have payed a professional to handle the issue.

If the ceiling has a fresh paint look, it’d be smart to look at the attic, this might mean there’s a water leak.

Water Leaks Everywhere

Start looking for caulking in and around the bathroom.

If there’s a great deal of caulking, sometimes this means there’s been repeated attempts at stopping water leaks.

Dry caulking, cracked and peeling indicates a long term of the leak.

There could possibly be rotted wood in the walls or floor.

If able to get underneath the house, assess the joists for any wood.

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