When specializing in wholesales, Real Estate Investors know that building a list of buyers can’t be done by just running marketing campaigns. It’s done with building professional relationships in the industry, and with aligning properties with those professionals. Other Real Estate Investors, can be seen as partners instead of being viewed as the competition. The plan is to not sell just one property, but to build relationships.

Wholesaling Lead Generating Systems


Lead generation is a key component to any investing Real Estate wholesalers. It can almost be looked at as the “heart” of a wholesaling business, and if you’d like to succeed in wholesaling, effective lead generation marketing systems have to be put in place before ever looking for a deal.

Real Estate Investors might ask about a credible website that tells your story. Landing pages are a big hit with business owners as well, they can show email subscribers and potential home buyers.

Automated email sequence may come up in conversation too, this can show wholesale buyers how to find deals. Social media is no longer just a buzz, it’s the must have with this digital age. Facebook and LinkedIn can establish your authority to send potential deals to your lead acquisition pages.

Potential Wholesale partners can sometimes be direct and ask about you having a proven system that helps find motivated sellers, this sometimes means going through Craigslist, direct mail, bandit signs or any other site.

With more systems in place before prospecting for wholesale real estate deals, the quicker a profitable will be lead your way.

How Real Estate Wholesaling Works


Before starting any Real Estate Wholesaling efforts, a detailed process must be written up from top to bottom. The experience of Wholesaling will come in time, but knowing how the mechanism works can help when talking to home sellers.

What To Know:

  • Purchase and sale agreement
  • The timing in Wholesaling deal
  • Alternative Investors To Assign The Contract To
  • Earnest Money
  • The Role Of The Title Company
  • Wholesale Deal Protection (and their rights)

In Closing

Confidence in dealing with sellers and potential buyers is all about doing your homework and being able to give the information when asked. Wholesaling does have it’s challenges but when done right you’ll get hooked, there’s great opportunity in this industry.

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