Direct mail can be and is an effective marketing tool for new Real Estate Investors, a general approach has always been the standard. In some cases, direct mail marketing strategies consist of variations in different materials. Even though, traditional direct mail marketing strategies continue to produce for Real Estate Investors, they can also be modernized to facilitate today’s attention to detail.

Real Estate Investors Use Direct Mail Marketing Strategies


Direct mail may be an ancient term of marketing, but that doesn’t mean Real Estate Investors can’t embrace in today’s new technology. Real Estate Investors look for marketing efforts beyond traditional practices, they consider the use of augmented reality. Using this concept aims to enhance direct mail marketing strategies that provide a more cultivated experience with print materials for customers.

Real Estate Investors know that direct mail marketing with augmented reality works differently for everyone, but the general idea is that users with a smartphone or tablet aim their camera to a printed advertisement, with this you can get a postcard or still image which transforms it into a live 3D video experience. With Real Estate Investors, you could use augmented reality to provide customers with an interactive tour of your latest project.

Out Of The Box Marketing


New Real Estate Investors get creative with direct mail materials. Not really going the traditional business letter route, this concept aims to stand out by utilizing original mailing ideas.

Creative Ideas To Use:

  • Wax seals
  • Photographs
  • Unique shapes
  • Envelopes made from linen, denim, or other fabric
  • Die cutting
  • Mirrored or translucent envelopes
  • Colored envelopes
  • Teaser copy
  • Handwritten fonts
  • Embossing
  • Foil stamping

Putting A Focus On Copywriting


When Real Estate Investors launch a direct mail campaign, newer investors will focus on the amount of mail that is being sent out, rather than the quality of it. New Real Estate Investors should put a focus on the copywriting of their advertisements, direct mail marketing strategies focus on a call to action. This means that you want people to not only open and read your message, but also respond to it. Great writing will do that.

Most Real Estate Investors will probably tell you they aren’t skilled wordsmith, here, the key to copywriting is to make it engaging. You want to call the audience to action, but also to tell a story that will catch the reader’s attention. Marketing, all in all, is about storytelling and the ability to do so effectively.

Real Estate Investors Get Motivated

The highlight of direct mail marketing strategies is to offer something for free. Whether it’s samples or coupons, this approach will help Real Estate Investors stand out for sure. Investors will waste their money with direct mail marketing if they’re not including some type of incentive.

Due note that  you want to give your customers a reason to purchase immediately, and incentives are motivational. Don’t break the bank doing so, the goal is to maximize your return on investment.

In Closing

Beginner Real Estate Investors have to develop a marketing plan before ever getting started. A marketing strategy helps to align direct mail marketing strategies with your business objectives and goals. Direct mail marketing strategies do range in size, approach this creatively.

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