Dan Leonard, Vice President

Endeavor Mortgage Group

O: 562.431.3001
C: 310.722.6230
F: 562.431.3003

Email: DLeonard@endeavormtg.com
CA DRE License#: 08194433

Dan Leonard is Vice President of Endeavor Mortgage group and is a seasoned mortgage expert since 2005 with past experience as a Financial Advisor.  Dan’s access to funding sources extends beyond traditional lenders. Funding sources extend to those rebuilding their credit and those with no credit.

An expert in “creative and results oriented” funding solutions,  Dan works with each individual client as a unique individual with specific needs and provides a cost effective funding solution for clients. Dan’s vast access to funding sources provides his clients access with a “one stop funding solution” customized for each client.  Dan benefits his clients with substantial savings given his 12 years of experience and access to a vast network of funding sources and financing programs.  Dan’s goal is to have clients realize their dreams of homeownership and income property ownership while saving the client a maximum return.