Orange County Real Estate Investors say, certain renters will see their landlord or property manager as a bad guy or gal..

They’re they antagonist because they have to deliver news about the soon to come increase in rent.

To even telling tenants why they won’t be receiving their security deposit back.

Delivering not so good news, unfortunately, is only half of the job.

You have to build a good relationship with tenants.

Orange County Real Estate Investors – Unapproved Applicants

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, you have to know how to deny an application.

Put your best effort to be considerate and empathetic when denying an applicant.

When informing an applicant, be aware of important legal matters.

Be sure to fully research all requirements in your state before telling the applicant anything at all.

Be mindful that a current unqualified applicant is a potential customer in the future.

This happens often with young renters who don’t have any credit history.

Inconvenient Rise In Rent

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, properties raise rent because it’s a business.

Like they say in the movies, it’s nothing personal.

There are different variables why rent would go up.

It could of happened because of a tax inflation, maintenance costs, again it varies.

Although, you can find ways to mitigate shock and headaches for tenants, by facing an increase in their monthly rent.

First, it’s vital to inform your tenants why the raise will happen, provide a reason that ensures the tenant that they are valued.

Don’t do it in one big jump, raise rent by a small percentage each year.

Closed For Maintenance

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, tenants will always have a love for certain amenities.

Negative feedback comes with the territory when you announce certain amenities will be closed for maintenance.

Inform your tenants ahead of time when the property has to do maintenance.

It helps to keep the peace.

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