Orange County Real Estate Investors say, people are always looking to make a quick buck.  

Unfortunately, this does happen from time to time.

If you talk to an attorney they’ll tell you some stories.

People choose different methods to make money fast.

There are times when they do win in court by saying, the property wasn’t managed right.

Orange County Real Estate Investors – Insurance

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, you should speak with an insurance agent.

Tenants are required to carry renters insurance.  

This also protects the landlord.   

In some circumstances a renters insurance policy would compensate the landlord.

It’s suggested to landlords to hire a professional home inspector every six months or licensed contractor.   

An inspection can cost from $200 to $500, this is well worth the money if it’s going to protect you in the future.


Orange County Real Estate Investors say, because of traffic in the San Fernando Valley we use  lockboxes when it comes to leasing.  

When tenants want to see a property, a lot of the times they want to see it on their terms.  

The quicker you get a tenant in a property, it’s guaranteed to get leased.  

Using a lockbox will reduce the no shows and people who aren’t serious about the inquiry.  

Not Your Typical Lockbox

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, move ins, leases, meetings, going out of town, etc., are a hassle at times.

But, it makes it easier if the tenant want to go view the property on their own time.

Today, property managers use highly innovative lockboxes with revolving codes.  

The technology allows you to unlock and change the code from your mobile device.

You will need a wi fi connection or mobile data.  

This technology is called “Rently.”  

The Rently lockbox is able to track everyone who has entered the property in an online platform.  

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