Orange County Real Estate Investors say, when renovating a rental property, it can be an overwhelming and expensive process at times.

It’s understandable why landlords push this type of project to the back of the to do list.

Orange County Real Estate Investors – A Place Worth Renovating

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, renovating a rental property does have its benefits.

A good renovation will make your unit more attractive to potential renters, it helps the property to stay aligned with market value.

Most major renovations are done when the landlord wants to sell the property.

Choosing Where To Renovate?

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, consider what to renovate, real estate professionals recommend to avoid certain trends that are out.

Kitchen and bathroom trends come and go, getting subjected to the popularity of what is considered “hot right now,” can lead to future problems.

Once the trend isn’t “hot” anymore, you’re stuck with an outdated look.

Current and future renter will not be attracted to the property.

When deciding on which renovations to undertake, start with the oldest and most dated area of the property.

Your goal should be to improve and refresh the space.

You want to make it look brand new again.

Pay attention to what will wear the best over time.

Adding Outdoor Space

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, open air terraces or decks are very attractive to renters.

Having an outdoor living space is a good draw.

If you were to add exterior square footage, depending on where you live it maybe a feasible option.

Look into reliable sources of wood composites.

You should get more environmentally friendly and cost effective wood.

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