Orange County Real Estate Investors say, most rent seekers aren’t looking for apartments during the holiday season.

If you’re looking to fill a unit quickly, you should offer incentives.

Sometimes property managers offer 25% off rent in December, this is for anyone who leases before January 1.

Tip: #1

Orange County Real Estate Investors Make Sweet Incentives

Orange County Real Estate Investors know, huge apartment communities often throw in a few additional “ incentives,” although, this is something that smaller businesses can also offer.

Incentives can be free cable to a gift certificate to a local supermarket or restaurant.

Tip: #2

Handling Customer Service

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, when a renter calls, answer quickly.

If a loyal renter emails you, respond as soon as possible.

When a prospect has a question about a rental, make sure to call back.

This will increase the chances for a caller or walk in to choose your rental over another.

Tip: #3

Non Standard Lease Proceedings

Orange County Real Estate Investors know, some landlords get strung up on a standard 12 month lease.

If you’re looking to fill a vacancy during the holiday season, consider offering a flexible lease.

As a basic rule, you could schedule and move around lease expirations and add it to the calendar.

This can be completed from May through August, theses are peak leasing seasons.

This will help to avoid offseason leasing.

Tip: #4

Do Not Lower Your Company Standards

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, if you struggle to fill a unit, it’s almost tempting to accept the first person who has interest.

For the record, this is not a good move.

Keep your standards high when screening a prospective tenant.

Filling a unit during the winter can seem hard, but it has been done and it can be completed.

Everyone is in need of housing.

There’s a bunch of reasons why someone might need to move during the holiday season.

Be sure and advertise correctly.

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