Orange County Real Estate Investors say, hardwood floors are popular today, especially with real estate professionals.

It’s actually a preferred standard, though depending where and what you buy, it can be costly.

Orange County Real Estate Investors – Flooring Options

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, be sure to look for durable and easy to clean floors.

Renters tend to prefer wood or engineered wood planking.

Wood flooring is replacing linoleum, tile and carpet.

Engineered wood can also resist humidity and temperature changes.

Traditional hardwood planks won’t buckle, shrink, or expand.

Some wood flooring is waterproof, engineered wood flooring is able to stand moisture prone areas.

Some planks can be glued, stapled, or they just float over an existing floor.

Interlocking segments can snap together.

Making Changes To The Bathroom

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, there are distinctions between mid range bathrooms and upscale remodels.

Remodeling Magazine stated, “you get more bang for your buck if you were to limit bathroom renovations, although this could mean a couple of things.”

Remodeling Options:

  • New faucets, shower heads, and fixtures.
  • New tub and toilet.
  • Changing to ceramic tiles.

New Kitchen

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, as you would do with a new bathroom, minor kitchen changes will boast a significant and more substantial return on investment.

When doing a major remodeling project, that can be a bit costly.

If you do a major upgraged to the kitchen, you would have to replace the whole cabinet.

Instead, you should simply switch out the doors and upgrade them to new hardware doors.

Be sure to shop around for a new mid priced sink and change the faucets as well.

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