Orange County Real Estate Investors say, going from spring to summer is a very busy time with leasing. 

Landlords and property managers are running around a lot.

Everything has to be in order before you get swamped with showings and applications.

There might be a few move ins, move outs along with inspections.

Orange County Real Estate Investors – Focused

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, be sure you take a break from the hustle.

You have to do it for your own readiness.

This should be done more often around spring going into summer.

It’s important to create a checklist of areas that need the extra attention.

Be sure to schedule a meeting with your staff, there you can confirm how ready you are to move forward.

Making Appearances

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, when handling showings, you need to be sure you have a make ready team in place.

The team can help out with cleaning, repairing and prepping properties.

Typically this is done when a tenant moves out.

You should take this time to work on landscaping in addition to the normal property cleanups.

There are times when extra resources are needed.

Tenant Satisfaction – Renewals

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, more tenants on your property than having to replace them, is a headache you don’t want to deal with often.

Property managers spend a lot of attention on marketing, especially when it comes to retention.

Around this time you should give your tenant a quick survey to simply express your gratitude.

Ask them if they have any issues where maintenance can help or replace.

A group email works if you don’t have time to communicate at a certain moment.

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