Orange County Real Estate Investors say, prior planning is the key to minimizing vacancy losses.

You have to get your vendors lined up when you know a tenant is moving out.

This is the best way to save time getting your property ready.

Orange County Real Estate Investors – Vendors And Schedules

Orange County Real Estate Investors know, it’s important to schedule your vendors to arrive on the day a tenant moves out, normally they would be scheduled the very next day.

Hypothetically, if you own your own store, you wouldn’t leave the store closed for two days and then wish that t business comes back once you’re open again.

When you don’t plan your vendors properly it becomes hard to organize your timeframe to get these task done.

Unit Proceedings

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, before your current tenant moves out you can start advertising your vacancy.

Most businesses prefer to get their advertising up as soon as they receive the 30 day Notice to Vacate.

When you get an ad up early, it allows for more time to go through for marketing and pre-screening procedures.

This needs to be coordinated with the existing tenant, who more than likely in the middle of packing up.

What To Do With Downtime

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, there is always downtime with every vacancy.

If you properly line up vendors and schedule them accordingly, they’ll be a shorter turnaround time.

The goal is to get those vacancies back within three to five days.

You could have some bigger items that you need to take care of first, such as installing new floors, you don’t want to go beyond five days of a vacant unit.

When everything is setup correctly, your new tenant will be ready to move in immediately.

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