Orange County Real Estate Investors say, keeping an owner informed is the way you should be running things.

It’s not enough to only manage their property by answering questions when the landlord is asking.

Like having proactive communication with tenants, the same goes when it comes to property owners.

Orange County Real Estate Investors – Receiving Feedback

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, keeping property owners up to date on their near term cash flow is a constant reminder how hard you are working.

Inside professionals advise you to have a pre summer status report ready.

It should cover all information pertaining to the property.

Include complete, schedule and suggested improvements.

Be sure to include lease term details.

Owners appreciate this effort a lot.

This proves your worth.

Taking A Look At The Place

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, a market analysis is important to have at hand.

You’ll be able tto check out your vacancy rates.

This allows you to check and compare neighboring properties.

You’ll be able to see if they’ve gone up or down over the past year.

Make the necessary adjustments before the summer season arrives.

It’s important to be priced right for the current market.

Having Staff

Orange County Real Estate Investors says, sometimes having checklist is less concrete than other processes’.

Although, they’re no less important.

Your internal process for handling a prospect should be clear.

When hiring, let them know that they’ll be handling inspections, make readies, screening and accounting.

Sometimes even marketing and additional tasks.

The review process is simply to make a list.

Staff has to know that they need to go through every step to identify any areas they might have difficulty.

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