Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, even if you have a signed contract, there are many ways deals don’t go through.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors – Deal Breakers

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors know, every deal is going to be different and every seller is different.

Being a wholesaler, you have to remain mindful.

Sellers will get cold feet, and others aren’t trustworthy.

Those who you don’t trust will just try to score more money.

Once a contract is signed, you need to facilitate the deal to the very end.

Verification Of All Signers

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, signer verification is one of the most important aspects of wholesaling.

It’s key to have all the signatures of the property owners, if you don’t follow through with that the transaction will be withheld.

I recently went through this horrible ordeal.

In wholesaling, not having access to all legal documents means, you have to operate with a level of trust with property owners.

Be sure to ask them if there are any other individuals interested in the property.

If there are additional signers in the deed, sometimes sellers are not forthcoming about certain information.

Access Denied

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, when wholesaling, you run into many different situations.

Your contract should be clear in stating that you are required access to the property during an inspection.

This is something that must be done, although, the tenants may not be so open to the idea of allowing strangers in their property.

Even if the landlord gives a 48 hours’ notice, the tenant may still bring up issues during the inspection period.

Once the initial inspection is conducted, building rapport starts all over.

Building rapport with the tenant can be done by bringing a gift card to a local restaurant or retail store.

Always bear gifts, this helps to minimize tension.

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