Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, it’s sometimes hard to work over the basics on vacant rental property.

Especially when it comes to inspections and repairs that are necessary in preparation for a new tenant.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Showcase The Property

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors know, you have to take great pictures and videos inside and out.

To get motivated seekers, take pictures of the neighborhood and highlight popular attractions that are within walking distance.

List the property on all popular real estate sites, doing that will help you receive inquiries from prospective tenants.

Even with all that effort, work isn’t done yet.

Screening Tenants

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, screening potential tenants is a very touchy area.

You don’t want to spend too much time and resources on who is renting, just to avoid problem tenants.

When the person is looking to move within six months, it’s best not to waste time showing your property, when you have more immediate inquirers that are interested.

Some look at those who need to move in today or next week as a red flag.

Be sure to ask why they are moving and other details that explain the hurry.

Formality Questions

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, within the screening process look for answers about evictions or if they may of had issues with the previous property management company.

You could ask questions about them getting along with everyone and anyone, if they seem problematic they’ll probably bring those same issues to your property.

You have to ask for references, personal, former property managers and current and former employers or if they’re self employed.

If they happen to hop around from job to job every six months, be sure to ask.

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