Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, virtual reality has been extremely popular as of lately.

Landlords, property managers, and HOAs are using virtual reality more often.

VR and AR shows properties that are for rent or sale without having a sales person in front of you.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors – Taking A Walkthrough Virtually

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, if you have a VR headset, you can be at the property and tour it as though you were there in person.

Those who use this technology are able to catch a broader audience when leasing a property.

VR helps to attract residents from abroad as well.

Property Simulators

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, augmented reality is great for people who want to simulate how they’d set up their unit before moving in.

Those who use AR technology can simulate what a unit looks like if they added certain feature to the unit.

It can simply be used to simulate what furniture and other items would look like in a space.

Construction Using AR And VR

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, virtual and augmented reality is being used within the construction industry as well.

More and more property managers are realizing that these tools can be useful in a smaller scale.

Before you embark on a major renovation project, virtual and augmented reality is able to give owners and investors a look they desire.

VR and AR techn is being used to make important pre construction choices.

Tracking Progress

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, before, someone needed to physically visit a site in order to get a sense of how the renovation project is coming along.

Today, you no longer have to be there physically, thanks to VR.

This is an important tool when it comes to virtual tours of a project that is under construction.

This improves communication with your contractors.

It helps to ensure that design standards are being met, and to help move the project forward.

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