Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, presenting a strong and solid property is the best way for a successful sale.

Assessing the state of the property and cleaning it up takes time.

Getting it ready to list is important, but you have to speak to your tenants before hand.

You have to gather up all pertinent information about the property and any tenants.

The work done before the sale directly impacts how much money will be made at closing.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Assess The Property

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, doing a visual inspection isn’t enough.

You have to do a full inspection performed by a licensed home inspector.

They’ll give you a more accurate look at how the property stands.

A buyer will have an inspection and may ask you to repair certain things.

But, don’t give them ammunition for price reductions or other requests.

Be sure to be aware of what’s going on in your property, this is so you can make repairs ahead of time.

Necessary Repairs

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, with the inspection report you can see what the buyers sees.

Addressing a big issues before the buyers can see the home helps to bring in a higher selling price.

You can choose not to make repairs and note the issue in a report.

This can bring a lower upfront offer price, but the positive part is that no unknowns will see the inspection.


Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, the outside of the property needs to look pristine.

As well as the inside of the property, but if you’ve have tenants, this needs to be coordinate with them.

Clean properties sell faster and for more money.

You will be ahead of the pack when it comes to a clean home.

If you sell a property you have recently rehabbed, a good deep cleaning followed by some maintenance through closing will help with the sale.

What you could do is contract a cleaning service to come in once a week to freshen up the place.

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