Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, the millennial generation are about 80 million strong.

Today, they’re the largest group of renters and homebuyers.

A great way to appeal to today’s crowd is with social media.

Everyone is practically attached to their phones, nowadays.

In growing up with the internet, early adopters of technology spend a large amount of time on social media.

This is where landlords use social media.

They’re able to engage and connect with residents.

Some have noted that it can be overwhelming at times.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors – Landlords Using Social Media

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, residents who are connected to their community stay around longer, this reduces the turnover in the process.

Larger apartments or properties that have an HOA community, normally promote events that happen at your property, this is where social media comes into play.

Even if you manage a small amount of units.

When using social media, you can promote local events that are not only happening in your property, but nearby as well.

Communities like upcoming farmers’ market or craft fairs.

You can help by publicizing the upcoming community event.

Share information about great local businesses you think residents would enjoy.

Responding To Inquiries Promptly

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, when you encourage residents to contact you via social media, this helps with participation.

In this way, property managers connect with residents.

Some residents might feel their issue isn’t as big that they need to call the office or management.

There are times when residents ask to snap a photo and report an issue in the property.

Share Maintenance Updates

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, using social media to keep residents updated about property repairs and maintenance makes residents feel informed and included.

When undergoing a major renovation, even if you’re upgrading the property, some sort of social media helps to keep everyone updated with progress.

It’s even helpful to ask residents to share feedback on what they’d liked about the project, what needs to get excluded or included.

Documenting the progress as construction begins is also a great way to report progress.

This helps to built in audience and to share before and after photos once everything is completed.

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