Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, reputation is one of the main reasons that attracts potential tenants.

With a well maintained property it also helps to attract future tenants.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors – Tenant Safety

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, the safety of your residents is one of the most important factors.

Having security, a maintenance team, and security cameras in place are all reasons why tenants apply to properties.

When everything is working the right way, a happy is a paying tenant.

The Right Way To Handling Reviews

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, Facebook is an outlet that can get flooded with negative comments, news travels very quickly nowadays.

When a company name is Googled, negative comments can outweigh the positive comments and have a big impact in business progress.

When tenant issues come up, you have to address the problem quickly.

A former unhappy tenant that talks negatively about a former landlord is able to do it on different social media networks.

The Importance Of Validity

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, even if you have little to no validity, make sure you respond to posts in a professional manner.

When a former tenant complains and they have a valid point, address the issue and make sure you’re straightforward.

Responding in a negative manner doesn’t help the situation.

When resolving the issue, make sure to address the negative comment as quickly as possible.

Social media followers can be very influential, they help to attract potential tenants.

Honest communication is a major key factor when it comes to tenants issues.

When taking security measures, especially because of break ins, pretending it didn’t happen doesn’t help to encourage new applicants.

Responding In A Professional Manner

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, being on the defensive side makes tenants feel uneasy at times.

Responding to negative comments is important because it lets potential tenants know that issues are resolved quickly.

This help to boost up your social media presence online.

Be sure to post about measures being taken in your property to make it better, safer.

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