Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, committees hold quarterly informational meetings for all homeowners, it helps to keep them informed.

An effective way of reaching existing homeowners that didn’t go through the welcoming process.

These informational meetings are held at a venue, the board and the association managers attend these important meeting.

This is the time committees take to let the community know of upcoming changes.

They let them know about promotional events.

At the meeting they solicit ideas and interact with the new volunteers.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors – Community Committee

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, some homeowners do want to serve the community, but don’t want to become a board member.

Homeowners are sometimes asked to join a committee instead.

They let the homeowner know about different committees.

Homeowners can chose a committee to join.

Each committee has a different goal to reach.

Every meeting is used to discuss how they can meet the goal, they have progress reports, and they go over the budget.

They help gather information and input the homeowner as to what committee they might have  interest.

At the annual meeting they give out information about each opening.

At the meeting volunteers can sign up.

Different Community Committees

Committees To Consider:

  • Welcoming Committee
  • Financial And Budget Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Neighborhood Watch Committee
  • Landscape Committee
  • Architectural Control Committee

Recognizing Their Volunteers

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, committees thank homeowners for their comments by hosting an event.

They show that being pro active pays off in the community.

Committees have informational meetings about every quarter.

They’ll also host an annual meeting.

At the meeting they’ll highlight their achievements they’ve done for the community.

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