Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, property managers are professionals that overlap and intersect with other fields.

Property managers have to handle the accounting, marketing, construction, and even the law and the property insurance.

This is a position that is difficult to fill, they have to have a lot of good qualities and traits.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors – Qualities To Look For

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, property managers don’t necessarily have the best reputation in town.

One trait when looking for a property manager is to see if they’re transparent during conversation.

Of course there are other qualities you should be looking at as well.

Most will be able to notice during the interview if the person is right for your property.

If you didn’t get along with them during the interview, more than likely they won’t get along with your tenants.


Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, it is well known that being transparent is the cornerstone of trust.

The property owners and real estate investors place a large amount of trust when placing a property manager to run their property

To reduce risk you should research available reviews if they’ve been or are currently working as a property manager.

Businesses who don’t put an emphasis on serving their customers and clients tend to not last very long in the industry.

Ask to speak with current and even former clients of theirs, this helps to get a better understanding of who you might be hiring.

The Right Price

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, if the prices and services aren’t clearly posted on their site, you should consder their marketing a bit funky.

This is a mistake that is commonly done over and over again.

Definitely a red flag to avoid.

When doing your research, you’ll notice online that there are plenty of property management companies who don’t publish their price.

Again, this is a red flag to avoid.

This could be an indication that they don’t treat all clients the same.

If their prices are not consistent, don’t even consider applying to this property.

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