Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, if properties contain a safe entry way, you could ask the residents to notify the property manager about holiday parties underway.

If you have a guest list, this is the perfect time to give the list to your front desk.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Holiday Decorations

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, the most controversial disagreements are about holiday decorations.

Property owners who set strict rules that limit or forbid decorations could be perceived as the bad guy.

Even if they were only thinking of safety precautions for the property.

Property managers need to be realistic about making rules, communicate them to all residents as soon as possible.

Property Policies

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, if decorations are permitted, let your residents know by what date they must come down.

Wreaths or other decorations that are approved should be fastened tight, this is in case of heavy winds.

Establishing a policy prohibiting lights on Christmas trees is unrealistic if other decorations are allowed.

Residents will find this completely unreasonable, no matter how much the owner explains if it is a fire safety precaution, residents don’t want to hear anything of that nature.

Christmas Tree Rules

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, the same reaction goes to only artificial trees are permitted.

In common areas, you could decorate the area according to your approved guidelines to show residents a good safety practice.

decorating for the holidays needs to be encouraged, it makes for a more cohesive and stable environment.

Promoting positive communication regarding rules and expectations around the holiday can greatly increase the safety and awareness of all residents.

Giving them a heads up in advance will add to their respect for you.

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