Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, when you’re remodeling you’ll see a ton of granite countertops and a bunch of home improvement shows.

Like all trends, the popularity of granite was hot at some point.

To even think avocado colored appliances in the 1960s were very popular.

Those were different times.

Today, granite countertops date your property.

Granite can also be expensive.

Marble, quartz, or laminate counters are more affordable.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors – Revamping Your Bathrooms

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors, say white on white bathrooms will give a clean and contemporary style.

They also enlarge the look of the room.

Although, unless all white bathrooms are kept clean, they can get dirty.

White does not conceal grime and dirt.

You’ll want to choose a neutral pastel look, you should add natural elements to your bathroom as well.

This minimizes the necessary upkeep of the room.

Environmental Friendly Property

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, millennial renters are in their twenties and thirties currently.

They’re concerned with energy efficiency and being environmental friendly.

To make your property more attractive to Millennial renters, advertise your renovations that are environmentally friendly.

Although, certain trends you should avoid.

Don’t buy cheap paint.

Chose paint with low or no volatile organic compounds, these are known as VOCs.

This type of paint doesn’t pollute the environment.

Only buy lightbulbs or fixtures that are energy efficient.

You should always ensure maximum energy conservation.

Trend Of Hanging Pots and Pans

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, hanging pots and pans in the kitchen was a popular trend back in the day.

The trend made the kitchen look more homey and accessible.

Hanging of the pots and pans were displayed over the kitchen island.

The idea of hanging pots and pans today, is a bit of an outdated look.

The trend today is to have accessible large drawers, this is used today to store your pots and pans.

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