Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, walking into a house when something feels off happens often in the real estate rehab world.

This tends to happen with Fix and Flips because the floorplan wasn’t designed to the liking of a potential buyer.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Say Positive

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, having a closed mind when it comes to real estate development does nobody any good.

When it comes to rehabs old and new, it seems like people don’t spend enough time on floor plans.

Everyone has a different interest when it comes to picking tile, paint colors, and cabinet finishes.

When the floorplan doesn’t make sense, more than likely the house won’t sell.

Correct Size For Bedrooms And Bathrooms

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, a typical home in the United States is a 3/2.

When rehabbing an older home, some investors may have issues about not enough bathrooms.

The extra expense is timely, but completely worth the end result.

For MLS systems, people want a specific number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Using outside criterias will not help your home to get seen.

Creating Extra Living Spaces

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, you won’t believe the numbers of new rehabbed homes with small living spaces.

They almost seem chopped up and tucked away compared to the rest of the property.

Open living spaces is in today.

Having just a formal dining room isn’t as popular as before.

Today, it’s not convenient to have unused space.

Extra space should be given to a larger, more flexible room.

When opening up walls, make sure you throw in a few beams or columns.

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