Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, when providing incentives, it either helps to keep and or recruit new customers.

This applies to landlords too.

Whether you try to convince an applicant to sign a lease, or encourage your exceptional renters to renew their lease, incentives will always bring out customers.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors – Upgrading

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, upgrading benefits both the landlord and current renter.

When making a permanent change to your property, this is considered to be an upgrade.

When a renter decides to stay for a while, this type of renter will ask for upgrades.

Contract Lease Terms

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, landlords and property managers prefer it when a renter breaks their lease with 30 day notice.

This means they value your time and they know the property terms of the contract.

When in the property management world, there’s plenty of risk vs. reward situations.

Sometimes certain property managers allow flexible terms to be used, like subletting.

This helps to either keep or get a new renter.

Some college students travel home for the summer, at times they’ll sublet their place while they’re on vacation.

Paying Rent – Online

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, the majority of people like pay their rent online.

This is a preferred method nowadays.

Instead of writing a check or waiting in line for a money order.

Most renters will jump at the opportunity to pay rent online.

Doing this will instantly makes your property look better.

First Free Month

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, bigger apt. complexes will have the additional cash flow to give out the first month of rent for free.

When it comes to these types of contracts, they’ll show that the other 11 months have been increased by 1/11th of the price.

Companies do this to make up for the amount that was given for free.

These types of incentives allow renters to spread the first month’s payment.

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