Los Angeles Real Estate Investors know, when provided an incentive, it usually requires you to keep and acquire multiple customers/renters.

The same applies to landlords.

To convince an applicant to sign a lease or trying to encourage a renter to renew their lease, are incentives that are worth it for your renters.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors – Upgrading The Property

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, upgrades are benefits to both the landlord and renter.

A permanent change made to the property is considered an upgrade.

A renter viewing their residency as a home will more likely ask for some upgrades.

Lease Terms

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, when breaking a lease within a 30 days notice, or them if the renter gets approval to have their pet on property, this is valuable to a renter.

Though every situation is different there’s risk vs. reward factors to look into.

This is almost worth it every time.

Doing this allows other flexible terms to take play.

This compels a new renter to say longer.

Student renters that travel home, often travel for the summer.

They’d like the ability to sublet.

Online Rent

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, written rent payments would be the only check for the month that a landlord would receive.

All renters would prefer to pay rent online.

Making your property worth a look.

Free First Month

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, big apartment complexes have the capital flow to be able to give a free month’s worth of rent.

11 months are increased by 1/11th of the price.

This is done to make up for the amount that was given out.

This incentive gives renters the availability to spread the first month’s payment over the terms of the lease.

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