Los Angeles Real Estate Investors – Vision Between Windows

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors have learned that tree branches close to the second story windows or that overhang on the roof can present a huge safety hazard.

There are times when random people like to climb trees in order to reach these entry points.

“If a roof, ledge, fire escape or ladder are on your property, be sure to always secure windows,” said by Gregg McCrary, a former FBI criminal profiler.

At the same time as locking them up, make sure there’s several feet of space between these problem areas.

Pruning constantly is key for safety, without pruning intruders have direct access to vulnerable areas in your property.

Setting Boundaries Around Perimeters

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say if you install a fence around the whole property, it helps to enclose the area from street views.

It also makes the property both private and secure.

When you want to set up a fence, make sure you use the most resilient and safest materials.

These include wood, aluminum or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it is recommended to set the height at about six to eight feet, this is at your discretion.

Gravel Pavement Adds Security

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors have learned, thieves are attracted to front lawns that allow easy access, this is because without drawing any attention they can get into the home easily.

Something you could add that helps to alert intruders you can hear them around, is to cover the ground near windows and doors with gravel.

This helps to make a loud crunch if an unwanted guest was to search your property, this is a suggestion by experts at Houzz.

If you were to go with gravel, it is an aesthetic feature that helps to upgrade curb appeal.

Your front yard is the property’s first line of defense against potential problems.

Be sure to configure and design landscape that not only serves as beauty but safety as well.

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