Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, the Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), is the basic premise that proper design and effective use of buildings and public spaces in neighborhoods can lead to a reduction in the fear and incidence of crime.

This at times is direct neighborhood design, developers are able to create a safe community. It directs security efforts you take with any of your rental properties.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Fundamental Design Ideas For Your Rental Property:

  • Complete access to doors and fences.
  • Video surveillance of all lighting, window, and landscape.
  • Territorial reinforcement with signs, sidewalks, and all ordinances for properties.
  • Maintenance, but this also includes code enforcement, community cleanups and other services.

Lighting Fixtures

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, placing torch lamps in the front yard is not only decorative and functional, but it also helps to expose unwanted visitors.

When there’s no dark cover, intruders are less likely to move on your property.

Be sure to position the light fixtures away from areas that cause excessive shadows, this helps to illuminate the property.

You could elevate them high enough so no one could tamper with the light.

Effective options for security lighting are high intensity and motion sensitive lights.

Specials bulbs like metal halide or high pressure sodium (HPS): “ HPS bulbs emit a yellow to orange light, while the metal halide bulbs emits a blue to white light,” this is according to an online review.

Lawn Maintenance

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors know that overgrown shrubbery can be an eyesore, it creates a hiding place, and it may even allow access through first floor windows.

When doing maintenance clean ups, you increase visibility.

Also, your neighbors will be able to spot any type of unwanted activity.

If you want to add plants to the property, consider the following options:

  • The Pyracantha
  • Rose Bush
  • Washington Hawthorn

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