Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, as you would with distressed jeans, distressed cabinets can vary.

Today is a new day to follow a new trend.

If you have a distressed property, you should start renovating.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors – Choose A Different Finish

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, neutral colors and finishes work best for cabinets today.

Stay away from really light colors, light cabinets tend to show dirt, dust, and wear more easily.

Try to chose a darker shade.

Though you want to also stay away from dark gray or black, they make a room look small.

A good color would be a light or medium walnut or pine stain.

Painting something basic such as ivory or gray blue is a good choice.

Faux Finishes For Your Property

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, faux finishes at one point had a moment.

Although, that is no longer the case.

A faux finish like marble or wood can give your property an outdated look.

Potential renters don’t like an outdated look.

When painting or decorating a wall, choose a neutral shade.

Neutral colors are easier to maintain.

Painting a bright ivory, pale yellow or even blue is a good choice.

Window Treatments

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, interior designers don’t necessarily like window treatments, really it depends on the designer.

Window treatments are a minimalist style to an urban loft.

Though it can be too minimal, at times.

Window treatments have been around for a reason, mainly, they provide privacy.

Most window treatments hold in heat in the winter and keep out heat in the summer.

Be sure to place either blinds, shutters, or curtains.

These are all easy to maintain.

You should chose simple styles and neutral colors.

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