Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, it’s important to understand that rental properties are long term investments, when managed right, the property can become a reliable source of rental income.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors – Financial Documentation

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, businesses go through potential lenders that need to confirm their business’s financial responsibility.

This is verified, even when the unit is not occupied and the mortgage is being paid.

Due Diligence

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, before applying for a loan make sure you to look into the rental market, these numbers are crutial.

The viability of the property is important when turning a property into a rental.

Property Detail Procedures

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, you have to ensure the property is well maintained.

Making sure there are no outstanding issues, like structural damage or the foundation itself.

It’s important to make sure the property doesn’t have any increases with substantial costs.

When you collect details, this shows lenders that your property is a very good investment.

Three Detail Strategies To Look Into:

  1. An Inspection. Inspections are conducted on the whole property. Inspectors look for any major issues that require any type of fixing or replacing. They’ll be able to look for signs of damage. Everything from the roof, HVAC unit to the plumbing, if you have issues there, they need to get fixed right away.
  2. Utility Costs. Make sure you account all expenses. Everything from what you cover to what the tenant covers. You can contact the local utilities to ask about upcoming rate increases, sometimes those changes  may have an impact on your rental income total.
  3. Getting Insurance. Securing insurance for the rental property is a priority. Lenders need to know how much the insurance will cost. Once with that information, they’ll be able to provide a clear view of how much the rental property will cost you.

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