Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, residential agents are able to list any type of residential property.

Although, it doesn’t mean that all agents are good at selling.

If have to find a great investor minded agent, if you haven’t done so already start looking for one immediately.

You could attend a local investor meet up and ask fellow investors who they might recommend.

Find somebody who understands what it is you need, as well as your tenant needs.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Taking Quality Pictures

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, when selling a rental, you have to coordinate with tenants to have pictures taken of the property before hand.

If you’re not able, hire a cleaning crew to come in and clean the home, this is so your pictures can be presented as best as possible

When the photographer takes pictures make sure it’s without fancy lenses or different angles.

Gather All Documents

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, make sure you go through all records and gather up anything pertaining to the property.

Everything from repair receipts and warranties to tenant screening information, rent records, and security deposits need to be accounted.

Make sure you ask your tenant to fill out an estoppel certificate.

This is a testament to how much the tenant pays in rent and when it’s due.

And, how much security deposit they gave when they moved in.

With move in documentations, they provide a copy to both the tenant and the new landlord.

Keep In Mind The Sale

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, the reason why you’re selling your property could be for a number of reasons.

It could be for cash in equity, you need to move in to a bigger property size, or you just might not be interested in the business anymore.

Advanced preparation makes the entire sales process a lot smoother, and it’ll be finalized faster.

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