Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, air conditioning can be taken for granted at times.

Once it stops working, a lot of us may lose our minds.

Tenants make maintenance requests about AC units because of over usage.

When the time comes to replace the unit, it could end up being costly.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors – AC Units To Chose From For Your Property

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, AC is expected by all tenants.

Depending on the area, AC units don’t have to be required.

If your property does have a system in place, you’ll definitely attract more applicants.

When an AC unit does goes out, it can be a frustrating situation.

When replacing the AC unit, there are plenty of units available.

AC units can be expensive, do your research and look at all options available.

This One Or That One

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, consider what kind of system or unit you need.

Sometimes forced air systems are common or mandatory, depending on the area.

Some units operate on natural gas.

Other units run on electricity.

If you have more of a modern looking home, some amenities will be on the electric side.

Some factors to consider are windows, ceiling height, and again depending on the area, even climate can make a big difference on your choice of unit.

Most homes use about a 2 to 4 ton unit.

Service Agreements, Warranties And More

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors say, service agreements and warranties are very important when a new AC unit is installed.

AC manufacturers offer a warranty that ranges from five to ten year contract.

Not all, but most service agreements will have this option available.

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