Real Estate Investor

Be Creative With Your Website Design

A Real Estate Investor that’s been in the game for a while knows that setting up a website is the first step. Next you need to come up with a website design that will catch the eye of visitors and convert them into a lead.

Three things to keep in mind when creating a website:

  • Liked websites; Arrange a directory of links to be shared with either a designer or someone on your team. Use the “view page source” feature, right click on a webpage to access to find out the theme or template they’re using.
  • Buying different templates: It can get expensive to build a website from scratch. A different alternative would be to use a template gallery, such as Theme Forest or Wix, they can help you find what you want.
  • The website should be responsive: Whichever template is chosen, be sure it works well with mobile devices. You can have the most beautiful websites in the world, it won’t help if people can’t see your content on their mobile devices.

Content For Your Website

A Seasoned Real Estate Investor will tell you that hundreds of pages of content to be ready when you launch your website aren’t needed. Although, there are some must haves you should put in place when it comes time to launching a website:

  • About Us page: A Real Estate Investor should use photos and a few personal details
  • Contact Us Page: People should be able to reach you easily
  • Privacy policy: Google requires this
  • Introductory Post: What works best is a video that displays who you are and what your company is about
  • Social network sharing icons
  • (Optional) A How to content posts: These can be added later, but it’s always been helpful to teach first and then market. Be sure to walk people through the homebuying and selling process, they could turn into a potential lead.

In Closing

A Real Estate Investor will tell you to have a clear idea of what you want in this industry, setting a standard from the jump is extremely important. Be sure to write pieces of helpful content, finding freelancers to handle the heavy lifting would be a smart idea.

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