Orange County Real Estate Investors say, when looking to employ a handyman, make certain to thoroughly do your research.

It’s important to site often, this really helps you to get personal testimony, details and reliability.

Handyman – Orange County Real Estate Investors

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, if hiring a handyman for a single job, it’s important to understand that is getting the task done.

Now you want to make sure they’re a professional at their trade.

Whenever you have a handyman for on call work, a more thorough interviewing needs to be executed.


Orange County Real Estate Investors say, many handymen discontinue their day around 5 in the afternoon.

A few tenants won’t be home at the middle of the day to day notice that there are maintenance issues.

When they’re home to find out what happened, most handyman wont be available until the following business day.

Having someone on call after hrs definitely comes in handy.

Document Everything

Orange County Real Estate Investors say the same way you treat a tenant, make certain to have a written contract in place if choosing a contractor.

This covers your end and theres’ as good.

Especially if a dispute happens with the contractor.

A contract establishes a clear pay rate, as well as an outline about what services will probably be provided.

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