Orange County Real Estate Investors say, at times, foreclosure proceedings show how best to market to homeowners.

It sounds a bit strange, but, it helps to record how to avoid losing a home.

Notice Of Default – Orange County Real Estate Investors

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, filing an initial Notice of Default is very disliked by most working in real estate.

After you approach the homeowner they may feel bombarded with direct marketing.

Real estate professionals that have been in the business know about 90% of these homeowners will have to get a loan.


Orange County Real Estate Investors say, to win in the market, you need to get network with numerous real estate professionals.

Most would advised to start a primary marketing campaign that involves several educational pieces.

You need to mail letters and make phone calls, but, what seems to be challenging to all, is door knocks.

Door Knocks – Speaking With Homeowners

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, conduct about four to seven conversations with homeowners.

When you meet twice, you have already beat 50 percent of your competitors.

If you do six meetings, now you’ve won about 90 percent of your competitors.

Today, this does depend on the market that you are trying to go after.

Most don’t want to door knocks.

Market research has shown many individuals applying for loans, but the majority don’t get approved.

That’s why most stay in one location.

After approaching the homeowner, try to avoid talks about loan modifications.

Put more of an emphasize on a back up plan.

If you do go down this route, look at acquiring the house at a discount for cash.

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