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Most credit reports contain errors. The Credit Bureaus claim an error rate of less than one percent, however independent studies show the error rate to be about 79 percent. Unfortunately, the Credit Bureaus usually choose to err on the side of the negative information about an individual.

Recently, our credit repair service providers have noticed a high incidence of file mis-merges – the worst type of file error. In a file mis-merge, the credit information of another person with a similar name or social security number is added onto the file of an innocent  consumer. Mis-merges can take years to unravel and place thousands of consumers in “credit prison” at absolutely no fault of their own.

Most consumers completely recover from a financial crises within a year or two, however the damage done to their credit report lasts another 5 or 6 years. This mean for 5 or 6 years, consumers are forced to rent or pay outrageous interest rates on homes and auto loans, forego the ability to use credit cards and are essentially  crippled when they are perfectly capable and willing to operate with the credit economy.

Credit Restoration - An Ethical Perspective

Is it ethical to remove bad credit? YES! Fortune Weavers offers individuals an alternative to “credit prison” despite the disrepute with taints credit restoration. A credit report is no more than a list of allegations. Most consumers never challenge these allegations. By enlisting the resources of Fortune Weavers Credit Repair, you are essentially entering a plea of “not guilty”

Our client service coordinators take a strong affirmative position defending the individual and forcing the Credit Bureau to substantiate their allegation. If the Credit Bureaus claim to have investigated affirming the allegation, the decision is “appealed”. Eventually, we find that most credit report allegations are untenable and removed. Removing the record of a negative credit item is without a doubt, ethically sound.

The Fortune Weavers Credit Repair Service Difference


Once you become a client of Fortune Weavers, you will benefit from a team of credit repair experts who will fight your federally protected rights as a consumer. Our Client Service Coordinators will take the time to understand you unique situation and then take action to help you restore your credit.

Credit review and “what-if” scenario – your credit report will be pulled and carefully reviewed. A software program showing us what your credit will look like after certain negative items are removed will then analyze the report. You will know before we get started what to expect.

Our Client Service Coordinators will then work with you to dispute negative items with each of the Credit Bureaus as well as any direct creditors necessary to remove negative items. The process does take some time, but you can be assured that eventually, the Credit Bureaus will realize that it is too costly and time consuming to continue to leave these negative items on your report. As items are disputed you will receive regular updates from the Credit Bureaus showing you what progress has been made.

Fortune Weavers prides itself on outstanding service and results. Let us help serve you.

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