Los Angeles Real Estate Investors know that there are a lot of issues which will arise during the tenancy in running property management.

Whether the landlord or a property manager handles the rental, tenants need to know how to communicate with either party.

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Communicating With All Parties

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors know that property management companies listen and anticipate the needs of its renters.

Although there are times when tenant have an emergency and need to report certain issues as soon as possible.

When your property has a maintenance problem, pest infestation, or other structural issues, tenants can be reported to the landlord or property manager for a quick solution.

Moving Fast

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors know that for prompt attention, tenants should be able to send a message directly or through the property management company.

Since everything today is digital, you could receive a phone call, text message, or an email.

When a property manager receives one of these notices, tenants expect a response within a day.

With the right communication platform in place, it is possible to reach the tenant anytime.

Landlord Communicating With Tenants

Los Angeles Real Estate Investors has learned over the years that certain landlords have a preferred procedure in these situations.

Be sure to read the lease carefully to know what to do when a problem happens.

Landlords don’t want problems, they respond to a written request or complaint very quickly.

There’s no need to use impolite words, doing this a lot of the times will worsen the problem.

Be sure to avoid using them, even if it was to turn into a sour conversation.

Be sure to be straightforward, but, also be carefully choosing the right words to use.

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