Orange County Real Estate Investors say, no matter the way you screen potential applicants, some tenants refuse to act reasonably once they’ve moved in their new place.

Even if the issue is for repairs, a rent increase or noise complaints that requires you to have a conversation, they often do not want to listen.

Rudeness – Orange County Real Estate Investors

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, bullying is perhaps not to be tolerated, nor should it be met in kind.

Frequent threats that tenants make have to be handled effectively, this helps to maintain your reputation and ethics intact.

Making Up Laws

Orange County Real Estate Investors say, a common used and misused tool by angry tenants, is the law.

Property managers are often approached by tenants who think they know the law.

At times they get their information from going on the web to outsources like Wikipedia.

Tenants often refer to something that they read online and take it out of context to defend themselves, especially if they feel threatened.

The best thing to do for anyone in this situation, is to explain the law themselves.

It could help encourage the tenant to speak with an attorney who can better breakdown local landlord tenant laws.

Tenant Being An Nuisance

Often times when property managers have a disagreement with a tenant, they might retaliate in some way or another.

This is where property manager have to remind tenants that they are able to put their own home at risk if they spread inaccurate information.

When neighbors learns the tenant are spreading inaccurate information, the best thing to do is to look for legal advice.

Based on the tenants actions, if the tenant profits, it may be necessary to begin eviction proceeding.

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