Don’t blindly listen to our Los Angeles Real Estate Investors or anyone else at that matter. What works for our Southern California Real Estate Investor’s isn’t always going to work for you.

  • As real estate investors, we are all in different markets, with different skills, and have different resources. Do what works for you and your market when flipping, rehabbing, wholesaling, investing, or dealing with cash flow properties.


  • Always remember; You don’t need to know everything about everything. Especially real estate investing. You just need to know enough about the one niche and strategy you are going to get into. Don’t get overwhelmed with knowledge. Focus on what matters. If you want to become an expert in Real Estate Investing in the Los Angeles, or Orange County, CA area, know everything there is to know about investing in those markets.


  • Real estate investing in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA is not a competitive sport. Our Real Estate Investing Los Angeles specialist recommend that you ask for help from others. Build relationships. Furthermore, learn from those with more experience than you.


  • Write out your business plan as a real estate investor in Los Angeles, and/or Orange County, CA. This doesn’t need to be super formal, but it should be written down. Where do you want to get to? How are you going to get there? Without a road map, it’s hard to stay on the right path.

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  • If you are buying a rental property, budget for property management, whether or not you plan on using it. If you can’t make money while still paying a manager, you aren’t purchasing the right real estate investment – you are buying a job.


  • Do your math like your wealth depends on it; because it does. Then do some more math. Our Real Estate Investing Los Angeles experts suggest that you be conservative in your estimates and don’t make mistakes with your numbers.


  • Sweat equity is a great thing. Don’t be afraid to get you hands a little dirty if needed, but also understand that you don’t have to. Manual labor can be an exceptional trade for cash, but it’s not the only way.


  • You will have problems, stress, drama. Get use to it. Don’t be surprised by it, but learn to receive it carefully as if you are already expecting it as part of the process.


  • Treat your Real Estate Investing business like an actual business, not a hobby. Develop systems, processes, and rules that govern how you do things. Additionally, pretend that you will be handing your real estate investing business in Los Angeles or Orange County, CA off eventually in the near future – so you need to have a carefully defined process for doing things. This process will change – and that’s okay.

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  • Share your stories, mistakes, lessons, successes, and more with others. We are all on this journey together as Real Estate Investors in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA!

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